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bosch worcester 240 manual

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the website. However, you can read our Cookie Policy here. Accept and Continue. We may also receive commission payments when you are taken to external websites and complete purchases from third party sellers, once you leave our site, we cannot be held liable for your purchases. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I had to reset the pressure because the water had stopped heating up I did this successfully but i still have no hot water. I am told there is a reset switch but i have looked everywhere and cannot find it and i do not have a manualFailing that a reboot by turning the electric to it off then on again should do. If it is locking out on a regular basis you need an engineer there might be another issue. Bosch Worcester 24SBi Pdf User Manuals. Search for boiler spares. Worcester Worcester bosch 28i rsf combi installation manual. Download or order a copy of Worcester's product guides and brochures. Boiler User Manuals; Toggle type filter Menu Refine documents by type. Bosch appliances boiler 24i rsf (36 pages).Viessmann Boiler Manuals; Vokera Boiler Manuals; Worcester Bosch Manuals;.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The boiler was making some unusual sounds and I noticed that the water pressure was under 1 bar, so I got that back up to 1.5. This morning it seems that the pressure is still fine so I was hoping that my first option would be to reset it. My old boiler (last house) used to get reset whenever there was a problem and it always worked, but this one has no obvious reset. The 'demand' light comes on, but the 'power on' light doesn't.

The gas cooker is working, the water pressure is fine, the boiler is making a noise when there is demand, but nothing is getting warm. I've turned the power to it off and on again, but had no luck. Thanks for any suggestions. PS - I've mailed Kevplumb because I read here that he had a PDF manual for a 240 worcester, but if anyone else has one could you please let me know here and I'll mail you?You can create your listing free at DIYnot Local. We have included both the installation and service manuals as well as the user manuals for each appliance and we have taken great care to ensure each one is correctly listed, however if you notice any errors or need a manual that isnt listed please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help. View all our boiler manuals from other manufacturers. Send us an email and a member of our team will have a look for you! Please refer to our privacy policy for more info. We will source it from our suppliers and aim to get it to you within 3 - 5 working days. These instructions are available in the boiler manual, but digging that out and finding the right page gets tedious if you do it regularly. Disclaimer: I’m not a boiler technician, and you follow these instructions at your own risk. The control panel for my boiler is on the lower right-hand side of the front panel. This is what it looks like: I use the following steps to reset my clock: Press SET and SET CLOCK. Press SET to lock in the day. Press SET to lock in the hour. Press SET to lock in the minute. The clock is now set. Source These instructions and the picture are based on a document published by Worcester, titled Single-Channel Programmer Fitting and Operating Instructions. I couldn’t find it on the Worcester Bosch website, but there is a copy online. Prose is CC-BY licensed, code is MIT. About the site. If you like my writing, perhaps say thanks. Get in touch: email github twitter.

There is little worse than waking up to a freezing cold house, or not being able to have a hot bath at the end of a long winter’s day. But if your boiler breaks down, this is exactly what you face. Furthermore, if you cannot get it repaired or replaced quickly, then your ordeal may go on several days or more. However, you can set things to rights fast if you know how and where to access quality, genuine manufactured parts from Worcester Bosch. It manufactures heating products including gas boilers, boiler spare parts, oil boilers, heat pumps, hot water cylinders and solar water heating systems. All the main processes including manufacturing of gas boilers are carried out in Worcester and all the oil boilers are manufactured at another site in Derbyshire. It is a reputable organisation that is satisfying its customers’ expectations through advanced, quality heating products. Worcester Bosch, as it is now known, offer a complete solution to all heating installations giving customers one of the largest ranges of heating products on the market. This information is usually found on the exterior of the unit itself, or on a flap or panel on the underside of the boiler. It is essential that you check this so that any components you source are compatible with the heating system you have. An alternative place to find this information will be in the original operating manual that you should have received when the boiler was installed. You want the boiler repaired as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Boiler breakdowns can be expensive, especially as more often than not they require the intervention of an experienced engineer. Purchasing your own spare parts is one way to reduce your costs, and as you search online, you are likely to come across some very cheap options. These can be very tempting, especially if you are on a restricted budget. However, they rarely turn out to be a cheap as they seem.

Firstly, if the price of the components seems too good to be true, then they are unlikely to be official Worcester Bosch boiler parts. This means that it will not necessarily be manufactured in the UK or tested to the same standard as official parts. Consequently, the quality, safety or longevity of the part cannot be guaranteed. Fitting such a part could cause it to break, causing further damage to your boiler. Alternatively, you could find that it breaks down again days or weeks later, potentially causing far more damage, or leaving you with a dangerous boiler. Official Worcester Bosch spares are created to the same specifications as their heating systems and meet all current safety guidelines. Rigorous testing ensures that you get value for money and do not have to replace the same part time and time again. Whether you are looking for a mechanical time clock, an electronic timer or a printed circuit board, using an official supplier is the best way to ensure you get the parts you need. A quality Worcester Bosch boiler replacement parts online supplier will stock a wide range of parts, and list them in a way that makes it easy to find what you need. Excellent quality Worcester Bosch spares suppliers provide easily accessible and pertinent information on each and every part that they offer. Among the details that should be provided are the name and serial number of the part, the role of the part within the heating system, and a list of the boilers that the part is compatible with. The best providers also use clear and close-up pictures of each part, so you can compare the part that needs replacing. If you are unsure or have any questions, then it is, however, always best to contact the supplier and discuss your specific needs. All quality suppliers of spare parts for Worcester Bosch boilers and heating systems will be happy to provide advice and guidance, or will be able to point you in the right direction.

We never compromise on quality or customer service, and that is the reason we offer only the best Worcester Bosch spare parts. You can find the part you are looking for by using our easy-to-use search facilities on our website at. If you can't find the Worcester Bosch spares you are looking for or need assistance with any aspect of your purchase or shipping, then just give us a call on 01977 554775. We are always delighted to assist. Forgot your username. TOP Feedback Click here to view our feedback on Trust Pilot Click here to view our feedback on Google Reviews Feedback. Should you need an engineer, and always consult one if in doubt, you can get a free boiler repair quote with Boiler Guide. A boiler with low water pressure won’t be able to function properly and could end up causing damage to the system, which is why the unit will lockout, preventing it from working. Follow our guide to increasing low boiler pressure to get your boiler working again. If this is the case, don’t attempt to increase the water pressure; turn off the water supply and contact a professional heating engineer who will be able to locate and repair the leak. This can cause ongoing problems with the central heating system. They will be able to perform a powerflush, removing any and all limescale and sludge from the system so that the water can flow freely around the heating system again and put a stop to those loud banging noises. This compoent can be fiteted to the pipework and will attract any rust, sludge or debris before it has chance to build up and cause a blockage. There are many possible reasons why a boiler might lockout: flame sensor detector issue, blocked flue or condensate pipe, no or insufficient fuel supply, high or low boiler pressure. Should a blockage prevent these gases from escaping through the condensate pipe, your Worcester Bosch boiler will lockout. This is because they’re located outside.

However, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer if you’d prefer. It’s recommended that a magnetic filter is fitted as part of the system, which will catch any loose debris before it has chance to create a blockage. Get familiar with what the error codes mean with our list of Worcester Bosch error codes. Take a look at the table below to see how much you could be saving depending on your current boiler rating and property. While branded manufacturers may cost a slightly more than a local engineer, you’ll be covered by big brand protection, which is a great benefit. They could provide extra services, such as ongoing boiler cover. When considering engineers, don’t go with the first quote you receive, we recommend getting up to 3. You may want to do this through your energy supplier, but there’s absolutely no obligation to do so. When comparing boiler insurance, keep an eye out for ones that offer annual service and safety inspections. Use our complete guide to Worcester Bosch warranties for more information. Try Boiler Guide today. I have kept the boiler to the same temperature and settings as when I moved in. It is on a low temperature setting and it suits my needs perfectly. The air pressure is on bar 1.5. Not knowing anything about boilers I rang a corgi registered engineer. He had a look at the boiler put the pilot light back on and was ready to rush off. He didn’t even think it was worth charging me!!The boiler cut out and that is when he said, oh you do have a problem. A few moments later he decided I needed a new part the red thingy inside, he informed me that it should be hollow but it was full of air (he may have said water but I am sure he said air). The part would cost me ?60 and extra for labour charges. It cost so much because of the old age of my boiler. However he was not positive, he said that may do the trick OR he may have to replace the other part ASWELL (red tank thing).

His advice was that there is no point in throwing money at a boiler this old. He recommended that I get a new boiler. I asked him the question is my boiler UNSAFE. He skirted around the issue and told me I will have to get it fixed, neither confirming nor denying its safety. You should replace that part. He commented that the flame was nice and blue. He turned on the Gas hobs and again went on about a nice BLUE flame. He told me my boiler could do with a clean and that I should get it serviced. He was not happy with how much steam was coming from the back of the boiler through the extractor. He told me to bleed the radiators to bring the temperature down. He told me not to pay out for the parts as my boiler will be replaced in June 2011. The engineer already confirmed there was no gas leak. I have a carbon monoxide alarm located across the boiler. The internal mechanisms just shut the whole thing down.Replace the boiler in June, as I think I will have enough money by then. Why throw money at this old boiler (Worcester 240) when it could go towards a brand new boiler?I want to be safe but I don’t want to be ripped off. Please note that I understand my boiler may not be as efficient as it could be. My concern is safety not efficiency. Many gas engineers will recommend a new boiler when faced with an older boiler, either to drum up business or because they are unsure how to fix it.Well, if no, then we certainly do. Within this area of our site have literally hundreds of how-to guides and tutorials that cover a huge range of home improvement tasks. Each page also comes with pictures and a video to make completing those jobs even easier! We have teamed up with the industries best to help you find a trustworthy tradesman local to you. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Get your fixed price here. To find out more information about how we are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 visit:.

They outshine many other big boiler brands when it comes to their popularity, but why. Gas Boiler and Best Buy reports. Some issues are more common than others when it comes to Worcester boiler problems. So it’s worth getting clued up about how to identify these in advance! Most codes will appear as a Worcester boiler EA fault, though occasionally these may differ. You can easily find and reference these to pinpoint the error at hand by looking in your boiler manual or checking online. Here are some quick regular checks you can do to identify any potential Worcester boilers problems: If so, there will be an error to investigate. The code will allow you to identify the issue easily. As your boiler starts to get older and issues do start to show, you can use Worcester boiler error codes to diagnose the issue. It is important to keep in mind that the process of actually fixing any issues should be left to an engineer to be on the safe side. Worcester boiler problems with heating are often evident through the temperature of the water coming through your taps or within your radiators. These are clear signs of a fault or blockage somewhere within your heating system. So, as you turn a hot tap on, the valve should be tightly closed, preventing hot water from flowing to your heating pipes. This way, you can have optimum hot water for your taps and showers - rather than having to split the hot water with your radiators. It’s when your boiler starts to age that it will be more prone to this occurring. Or you have no hot water but do have heating. Either of these is a strong indicator that your diverter valve is stuck either open or closed. The valves are not always the cheapest item to replace. This will of course have to be carried out by a Gas Safety Registered Engineer. If you add up the cost of a valve, the tools needed to do the job, and the hourly rate of a skilled engineer will be expensive. It can be a surprisingly positive experience.

Opting for a new Worcester Bosch boiler is likely to be cheaper than replacing such a small but essential component, especially if your boiler is becoming worse for wear anyway. You can even have it installed as soon as the next day! This is referred to as your boiler locking out. There are several potential causes of this. Your boiler may have gained or lost too much pressure or even lost power completely. All Worcester boilers are fitted with safeguards, which essentially prevent any risk or danger, by stopping your boiler in its tracks when a certain issue occurs. Due to these pipes being outside, they can become blocked by debris or freeze during the winter months. This can cause issues like your boiler overheating and eventually locking out. To boost your boiler pressure back to normal levels, you can follow the steps for re-pressurising or call out an engineer to help. For lowering pressure, you may need to have a go at bleeding your radiators to release any trapped air from your system. Look around your boiler, pipes, radiators, valves, and even your water pumps for any damp or swollen patches. Worcester Bosch fault codes to look out for to signal whether you have a leak are EA338 or A281. Whether this be certain release valves or your entire pipework. An engineer should examine this issue. The valve seal on a pump will wear down over time naturally, especially if too much pressure is placed on it or there is a sudden increase in water flow. If a pump gets too hot due to an error, it will seize up, affecting the overall temperature of your boiler and wreaking havoc. With BOXT, you can replace your boiler at a highly competitive price. Reliable, smooth, and consistent. BOXT boilers will last longer - giving you confidence in your home. If you do hear some strange noises, look for Worcester boiler error codes to identify why this may be happening. Code A41 is a common code that presents itself when a boiler is making loud noises.

This will be preventing water from flowing through smoothly. This noise occurs due to a build up of limescale or sludge on the heat exchanger, which restricts the water flow, causing the kettle-like noise. You don’t need to worry when this happens, as your boiler will use its built-in safeguards to lockout and remove any further risk. Consistent kettling problems will usually only occur in boilers that have been installed for a significant number of years. Consider replacing your boiler for a new Worcester Bosch model which comes with a 10 year warranty as standard. Enjoy peace of mind for the next decade, and save more money in the long run - rather than replacing old parts of an inefficient boiler. At BOXT, our specialists can advise you on whether you need a replacement and the right type of boiler for your home. If you’re seeking specific advice, speak to us via web chat or visit our site for more information. FCA register No. 767308. Finance options are provided by Divido Financial Services Limited in association with a panel of lenders. Finance available subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. BOXT limited acts as a credit broker and is not a lender. Any credit is subject to status, affordability and a credit check. Common reasons why (with fixes) What next, no butter on your toast. The world isn’t fair. Plus, sometimes you won’t get hot water from your boiler. Even if you have heating. This will lead to total failure, meaning you'll get no hot water from your boiler. Upon detecting this, your boiler will shut down for safety reasons, giving you no hot water (or heating) at all. You’ll need to reboot your boiler after addressing this. A thermostat issue would only cause an issue with heating, rather than hot water. Here's a skim-readers conclusion Can’t afford that? Check out boilers on pay monthly plans, with no deposit or 0% options.

Conclusion Best Buy in minutes Get your fixed price Trustpilot Heatable is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference no. 805259). Could I save a small fortune and fix it myself. Yes, replacing the Pressure Release Value turned out to be pretty easy. I don’t know very much about boilers myself, but I am generally good with mechanical things. Some of this advice could be very, very bad. All I know is that it worked for me. I accept no responsibility for any consequences of anyone following any advice on this page! I needed to top it up about once a month, but in December 2005 it was getting serious. Over the Xmas period I had to top it up once per day. There aren’t that many reasons for this in a central heating system, so I availed myself of the Sealed Central Heating System FAQ. Read it. Now! Usually this is actually in the boiler, there certainly is one in the WB240. No wonder I was having to top it up a lot! The Sealed Central Heating System FAQ which you read earlier explains this. To test whether it’s the expansion vessel or not you will need to find it. This isn’t difficult. It’s a large red thing. Follow the instructions below about Opening the boiler up. Ergo leaking PRV. Flushing it through wasn’t working so it had to be replaced. They’re not the cheapest on the web, but their delivery is good and they’re not too far away so a visit isn’t out of the question. The valve in question is order code 108151. WB Part 8-716-142-416-0. It arrived the next day despite me picking the 2-3 day delivery. Then isolate it electrically. Somewhere you should have some means of actually turning the boiler’s electricity supply off. This may be near the boiler or near your main electrical distribution board. It could even have its own RCD (switch) in your mains electrical distribution board. When the boiler is powered down there should be no lights on. This is the gas pipe. Turn the screw so that the slot faces across the pipe.

If you can’t figure out how to do this yourself then you’re in trouble. Call a professional! Not the ones facing you, the ones holding the grey control panel to the flanges at the side of the boiler. Supporting the grey control panel from the bottom, undo these screws. The whole control panel unit will then pull forward and hinge down. Note that the actions of pulling it forward and dropping it down are somewhat simultaneous. The Sealed Central Heating System FAQ details how to test it. Mine had plenty of pressure in it. It’s right up the back of the boiler. How convenient. With the control panel dropped, I managed to get my left hand in under the “white thing” and over the top of the PRV so that I could operate the valve. Turn the top towards you, you will hear water escaping. Keep turning it the same way. Eventually it will snap back to the closed position. Hopefully some clever spark has installed a pair of isolators other than the boiler’s own ones. If there is another pair, use them. If not, the two leftmost pipes on the boiler will have isolators on them at the bottom of the boiler. Turn them so that the screw slots face across the pipes not along them. They may leak a bit, so beware. Unless you plan on getting very wet whilst your working, draining the boiler is a good idea. To do this, just tweak the PRV so that water is flowing down the release pipe and leave it until it sounds like it’s empty. If you look just to the left of where the water pipe enters the PRV, there is a slot cut in the panel. This exposes the nut that connects the PRV to the pipe that extends leftward. Don’t do that quite yet though. First, undo the nut that connects the PRV to the waste pipe. If you’ve ever worked on a Citroen, this will be small beer to you. If not, just persevere. There’s very little room to work the spanner and you have to be very patient! It’s still connected via a thick piece of copper wire to the pressure gauge at the front of the control panel.

Undo this, then the PRV is really free. If you’re feeling brave you can test it once and for all:- I turned it to make sure it was shut, covered the pressure gauge socket with my thumb and then blew through it. The problem being that I did in fact blow through it. These gauges are supposed to open at 3 bar and there is no way I can provide 3 bar of pressure with my lungs! I added a bit of PTFE tape to the threads. It’s probably not required and may make matters worse, although I can’t think why. This is what I did and it worked. You will hear the boiler gurgle a bit as (some) water flows back in. Then cause demand from the CH system (select Heating and Hot water and then tweak the controller until the boiler attempts to fire up). Clearly the burner will not work, but everything else will. It will attempt to pump water round the system. If the pump makes a horrible noise, check its temperate. If it becomes uncomfortable to touch, turn it off and wait until it has cooled down, then give it another few minutes. Eventually the boiler should sound pretty much like it did before, but without the burner running, obviously. This is the strange little button on the top of the control panel. It should be pressed in. If it pops out the boiler will stop. If this happens, turn off the gas and run it for a few more minutes without the gas on, then give it another go (you will need to press the reset switch in again). There is a bleed nipple on the pump, there may be one on the heat exchanger, too. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about this. If you do (or manage to find out) then please let me know! Turning on a hot tap will correctly turn the boiler on, but (sometimes) after the hot tap is turned off the boiler continues to run and will not stop. British Gas has replaced many parts on this unit, but still the problem persists. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Dr David Parker, Hull Computer Science Lecturer Hull University’s Computer Science Department Hull University’s DCS Community Site University of Hull main site SEED Software, where Tom formerly led the development team Stack Overflow is where you can get answers to just about any programming question The Register, Science and Technology news. It’s a long sequence of digits and letters found printed on the side or on a label pasted on its drop-down front panel. It’s not like the manufacturers make it easy for us to decipher those serial numbers. In most cases the boiler manufacturing date will be coded and hidden somewhere within the serial number. Your best point of reference is the Building Energy Performance Assessment site who have a very convenient boiler database. Select the fuel, type, brand and model and then click on “details”. It will give you the first and last year of manufacture. Of course, it’s not a very accurate way of telling the age of your boiler so let’s hope we’re looking at one of the main brands. Dating their products is relatively easy. So how can I find the age of my boiler. Let’s look at some of the most popular brands. Luckily, the manufacture year is always the fourth and fifth characters. For example this serial number: If you run into problems, you can check this page for reference. Their serial numbers were designed for internal use. So, if you need to tell the age of your WB, you’d need to contact their support team or phone in on 0330 123 3366. A serial number on a Vaillant will be between 20 and 28 characters long and in most cases the 3 rd and 4 th character will represent the manufacturing year while the next two characters will tell you the assembly week number. This means our boiler has been assembled around June 2001. The most popular Ideal Logic range will have a 24 or 25-digit number preceded with a two-letter prefix. It is conveniently split into 3 sections.

Starting from the 16 th or 17 th character you have a 4-digit code representing the year and the week of production. Then the last 6 digits represent the production date. It’s neither the UK nor the American way.Its serial number is shorter. It consists of only 17 or 18 characters. You’d be looking for the 3 rd cluster that contains 4 digits; and it would represent the year and week of production. Its age is coded in the serial number as month and year rather than week and year. For other Ideal models, please get in touch with their technical support. If you come across a more obscure boiler and you struggle telling its age, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help. Get a new boiler quote now: Feel free to contribute! Home Deliveries About to be Disrupted Smart Devices Spying On You And How To Fix It. Also Worcester Overheat thermostats which switch the boiler off in the unlikely event of the boiler overheating. Hi and low limit thermostats which basically govern the higher and lower temperatures required for the Worcester appliance. More modern Worcester boilers use Thermistors or NTC Probes for electronically controlling the temperatures of both the heating and domestic hot water and Worcester condensing boilers also use thermistors for monitoring flue gas temperatures.